Share the Care Campaign

Sharing the Journey

With the help of our many benefactors, foundations and friends, we successfully completed our final phase of our strategic Share the Care Campaign.  Priorities for our campaign are consistent with the challenges facing our elderly and are noted below:

Security Camera System (COMPLETE)

As our mission of providing a safe and healthy environment for our elderly residents, it was imperative that we maintain an updated security system which protects our residents, staff and sisters. Our home now has full camera access to not only the main entrances but also the unrestricted areas.

Nurse Call System & Paging System (COMPLETE)

The existing nurse call system was installed in 1978 and is no longer reliable and was in frequent need of repair.  We replaced this system in its entirety in a manner consistent with current healthcare standards. In addition, we bundled the inclusion of an updated paging system to enhance the efficiency of the site-wide system.

Emergency Generator

With replacement of our existing generator (over 35 years old) with a 750 KVA 480 volt generator, we are better equipped to address the increased demands of a nursing facility as mandated by new State regulations. 

This new generator and tank replacement will provide for a 72-hour shelter-in-place environment for our residents, essential staff and Little Sisters in case of an emergency as documented in our Emergency Operations Plan (EOP).

We are forever grateful for the tremendous support we have received over the years to complete the essential repairs to our home and the priority replacement of major equipment.  As we move forward, we look forward to the continued generosity of our community to allow us to provide a safe and comfortable home to not only our Residents and Little Sisters but also all of our family members, staff, volunteers and friends who visit every day.