I am delighted to assist families with the needs of their elderly family members.  Factors requiring consideration for each applicant include the following:

  • The age and financial eligibility of the prospective Resident
  • Current living situation
  • Current needs and health concerns
  • Hopes and expectations of the individual and their family regarding placement in our Home

Additionally, admission to our Home focuses upon those who desire and are eligible for independent living.  In this way, we can retain nursing care units for Residents, who may require additional care due to the onset of illness or disability.  Our Home is ecumenical and all faiths are welcomed and worshiped here.

If we feel that we are not able to meet your needs, I will be happy to suggest other facilities and resources in the community which may be helpful to you.

Kari Lockwood, Social Services

For more information about admissions contact me at

Resident Account Services

Upon admission to the Jeanne Jugan Home, resident account services provides guidance to residents and families regarding payment to the facility, Medicaid payments, personal needs accounts, and insurance costs. I am ready to serve Residents of the facility with financial matters and ongoing needs as they make Jeanne Jugan Residence a permanent home.

Kathleen Brown, Resident Account Services

For more information contact about resident account services contact me at